Employ project, sustainable irrigation in Ethiopia by Irritec

20.000 farmers of 100 villages from the region of Woilata, Ethiopia, will improve their standard of living thanks to Employ Project, supported by Ministry of the Interior with the help of Institutions and Associations, through the implementation of installations that facilitate agricultural capacity, soil fertility, improving the production environmentally friendly and optimizing the food safety and farmers’ income. Irritec, in collaboration with CEFA, designed and will provide material and assistance for drip irrigation system to cultivate different kinds of vegetable.

The system will work thanks to solar energy. The installation has been designed for a low-pressure work, reducing the consumption of energy and managing water and the use of fertilizer at best by using a simple but effective technology, usable by almost everyone. All components of the irrigation system are made in Italy.

Employ Project is focused on training activities about agricultural techniques and the use of financial instruments. Above 20.000 farmers of the 100 villages from the region of Woilata, South Ethiopia, will be trained and assisted by trainers to enhance agricultural techniques, income and occupational opportunities. More than 800 young person and local experts will be trained to become, in their turn, trainers able to convey knowledge about agricultural techniques, organization and management of cooperatives and associations, market access, microcredit management and micro enterprise creation.

Irritec is among the first companies introducing drip irrigation products in Italy over 40 years ago. In addition to the five Italian factories, Irritec is present with production plants in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the United States becoming a reference for the irrigation sector in the international market. Important and strategic commercial branches are present in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different subsidiaries and thanks to a well-distributed sales network, Irritec products and services reach over 140 countries worldwide. The reliability and expertise of over 700 employees serving farmers and distributors all over the world.