Irritec at XVIII Infopoverty World Conference to fight poverty and sustain African countries

On April 13th, in the UN headquarters the XVIII Infopoverty World Conference will discuss the importance of ICTs for sustainability and put forward low-cost digital solutions having high social impact. Irritec will participate at the conference to discuss new technologies to fight poverty and sustain african countries. At 4 p.m. NY Time, the Irritec Group Marketing Director, Giulia Giuffrè, will face the panel to talk about irrigation innovations which may increase productivity of crops, giving help to african people. The Conference will be streamed live on . OCCAM was created by UNESCO in 1996 and has a special consultative status with ECOSOC since 2005.

The aim of the IWC is and has always been to promote and strengthen the social use of ICTs (Information and Communications Technologies) in order to overcome inequalities and allow everyone to benefit from the advantages offered by the digital revolution. Better and free health services, high quality education and food security for all. Addressing the plight of immigration and social unrest at the source has become not only possible but necessary. The draining of resources and brains from developing countries to developed countries has contributed to impoverish them. The whole planet is now interconnected. This will allow the poorer countries to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the ITCs if we all get together and help them achieve this goal, the Millennium SDGs.

Addressing the topic of “COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY FOR DIGITAL INNOVATION: FORGING INCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP TO SUSTAIN PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT” is the key to achieve this aim. Important innovations will be presented at the IWC by various Governments and Institutions within the UN system, among which Japan, the US, India, Brazil, Rwanda and Italy. One very important project, the “World Food Security e-Center”, created by a network of Universities and Italian laboratories, is the most important legacy of EXPO 2015 and can provide digital services in the field of food security, telemedicine and education to communities and institutions of the countries in need. This will strengthen their ability to use their own resources for the good of their own people, thus interrupting the damaging colonial-rooted vicious circle of impoverishing the poor. This will give them the opportunity to embark on a real a sustainable development course, respectful of the environment and of human rights. Irritec has a commitment to Africa: to spread the most effective and efficient irrigation solutions so that the lands of small-scale farmers can not only support their families, but rather become a source of income.

The Conference will be streamed live on .

Irritec is among the first companies introducing drip irrigation products in Italy over 40 years ago. In addition to the five Italian factories, Irritec is present with production plants in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the United States becoming a reference for the irrigation sector in the international market. Important and strategic commercial branches are present in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different subsidiaries and thanks to a well-distributed sales network, Irritec products and services reach over 140 countries worldwide. The reliability and expertise of over 700 employees serving farmers and distributors all over the world.

Conference Agenda