Irritec winning company of 2017 Global Micro Irrigation Customer Value Leadership Award

Irritec has been awarded the 2017 Global Micro Irrigation Customer Value Leadership Prize by the prominent US-based Global Market Research Company Frost & Sullivan.

This award is an acknowledgment of Irritec’s leadership, focus on technological improvement and innovation, making it an international “one-stop shop for irrigation customers” through its “customer-centric approach”.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the micro irrigation market is facing a number of challenges including reluctance to use high-efficiency irrigation systems, especially in countries where the growers are suffering extended periods of drought. In this mission, Irritec works with government agencies, NGO, United Nations and the World Bank with the aim of “transferring their knowledge to growers”. Such an important task includes, training activities performed by dedicated team of agronomists, hydraulic engineers, environmental consultants and designers that “never lose sight of the corporate philosophy and focus on environment and sustainability”. Also, Irritec’s irrigation experts promote irrigation best practices by conducting series of seminars and conferences through Irritec Academy.

Frost & Sullivan highlights Irritec’s growth potential which is distinctly driven by its R&D department specialized in finding the best irrigation solutions suitable for each and every environmental condition.  The use of cutting edge methods and technologies, keeping up with the pace of a rapidly changing market along with constant investments in research, brings Irritec to the forefront.

Also, Irritec’s broad product portfolio sometimes allows itself to become supplier to its competitors, selling “the entire unit or just associated parts – a practice seldom followed by competitors”.

As pointed out by Frost & Sullivan, “customers have lauded Irritec’s high efficiency products that have resulted in substantial water savings and lower operational costs, and its guarantee of punctual technical assistance”.

That is what makes Irritec a Customer Value Excellence for a sustainable irrigated environment.

Irritec is among the first companies introducing drip irrigation products in Italy over 40 years ago. In addition to the five Italian factories, Irritec is present with production plants in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the United States becoming a reference for the irrigation sector in the international market. Important and strategic commercial branches are present in Algeria and Germany. Thanks to an efficient production network, consisting of different subsidiaries and thanks to a well-distributed sales network, Irritec products and services reach over 140 countries worldwide. The reliability and expertise of over 700 employees serving farmers and distributors all over the world.