Philippe Lejeune new Chief Commercial Officer of Irritec Group

Since January 1st the Sales Department of the Irritec Group has been entrusted to Philippe Lejeune, the new CCO (Chief Commercial Officer). In carrying out his activities, the new manager will report directly to Carmelo Giuffré, Founder and Administrator of the Group.

Irritec Group, founded in Sicily in 1974, is one of the world leaders in irrigation. The growth that we experienced over the years has pushed us to bet more and more, not only on manufacturing processes and research and development, but also on entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

Philippe Lejeune is a manager of consolidated national and international experience, he has been working in the field of micro-irrigation for over 20 years, during which he has built a brilliant career: he has held positions of increasing responsibility in the marketing and commercial division of different companies and contributed significantly to the development of the irrigation sector, the conscious use of water for irrigation and the dissemination of good irrigation practices.

In 2011 he became Europe Sales Manager at John Deere Water. In 2014 he became Europe Sales Manager and Marketing Manager for Europe & Africa of a primary company in the irrigation sector, where he then became General Manager (Interim) Europe and Africa for a few months

The appointment of Philippe Lejeune – says Carmelo Giuffré – is further evidence of our managerial growth strategy. This choice has in particular the objective of strengthening and developing commercial partnerships with the main customers, to enhance the many products of the Irritec portfolio and to respond increasingly to the needs of the market. Philippe is our most “good luck””.

Since January 1st 2019 Philippe Lejeune has been leading Irritec Sales and Marketing Department with the task of boosting the sales development of the whole customer portfolio and strengthening and developing commercial partnerships to enhance Irritec wide product range increasingly responding to the market needs. The appointment of Philippe Lejeune thus represents further proof of Irritec’s growth orientation.

Philippe Lejeune, of Italo – Belgian nationality, born and resident in Mirandola (Modena), 54, is married and father of two daughters.

IRRITEC was founded in 1974 in Sicily and is among the world’s microirrigation leaders. Irritec has 5 plants in Italy as well as production and commercial branches in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Algeria, Germany and Chile. Irritec designs, manufactures and distributes products and complete systems for open field, greenhouse as well as residential irrigation. Irritec technology reaches over 100 countries all over the world. Through the reliability and expertise of over 700 employees all over the world, Irritec serves the farmers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, from agriculture to gardening, from landscaping to heating and plumbing.